Monday, January 5, 2009

Suck It Uncle Sam

Well, I “only” spent $5800 in medical expenses this year. Not enough for a tax deduction. Certainly more than I put into my FSA (which was a big ol nothing.) I know I spent more that I can’t account for because who knew that I would even be a candidate for a deduction this year? This is killing the CPA in me. I am not very detailed when it comes to my personal finances. Here are some things that I would have rather spent $5800 on this year…

1. New sofa for the living room.
2. A vacation.
3. Nursery furniture.
4. Diamond earrings.
5. Paying off the new car.

Truthfully though, I probably would have invested it. So now it would only be about $3000 anyway.

This year I have a feeling we will meet the deduction criteria (again I low-balled the FSA not thiking my IVF would fail). Enter the *Big Envelope of Medical Receipts*. I’m keeping better track this year. Suck it Uncle Sam. Your ass is mine in 2009.


Mary said...

LOL. I needed a laugh. Thanks:)

barrenisthenewblack said...

You know that CVS (or your pharmacy) keeps records of all the drugs you bought during the year, right? Even if it is just copays, they add up, and you don't have to go blind looking at credit card receipts to document it. It sounds like you are already keeping track of office visits. Too bad we can't write off the vacation we so desperately need...I swear it's therapeutic. Oh speaking of therapy, I plan to write off my mental health services. Take that, Uncle Sam!

Tara said...

I have an excel spreadsheet - my true love (other than r :)). I am OBSESSED with keeping track of this shit. It sucks - and kills the accountant in me to add up everything we have spent. Don't forget to keep up with your mileage, too.

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