Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Times at the Pharmacy

I picked up my prescriptions yesterday. I only needed to get more Follistim and Doxycycline. I have everything else left over from my cancelled cycle. Getting my prescriptions filled is always an adventure. I work in the accounting department for a very large retailer (actually a subsidiary of a very large retailer, but who cares.) One of the oddities of my health insurance plan is that only pharmacies owned by my parent company (which is not evil Walmart in case you were wondering) are considered “in-network”. So guess where I get my fertility drugs…that's right, the grocery store. This is how Frank entered my life. Yep, I’m on a first name basis with my pharmacist. Frank is an older guy from the East coast. It seems that he is not very happy living in the Midwest where we have an annoying habit of being nice to people all the time. (I can’t really hold this against Frank. I’m not too down with being nice to people all the time either, but at least I have a lot of Midwestern guilt about my attitude.)

So when I was getting prescriptions filled for the first IVF I went to the pharmacy/grocery store with a long list of drugs. I handed it over to the sweet, young pharmacy tech who knew right away that she was over her head. She had to call up Frank from the back. He was not amused.

Frank: I don’t have most of this stuff.
Me: Well, I don’t need it right away, can you get it?
Frank: It will take a couple days.
Me: That’s OK, I don’t need it for a few weeks.
[Frank looks at Megan with a very annoyed look. He wonders why Megan is bothering him if she doesn’t need this stuff for a few weeks.]
Frank: This is going to be very expensive. Are you sure you want it?
[Megan ponders this question. Maybe this is all nuts. Maybe all this testing and timed sex and wanting a baby is crazy. Maybe Frank is right. Maybe I don't need a baby to feel as though my life is complete. Maybe this is a sign…..or maybe not, maybe Frank just doesn't want to order my medicine.]
Megan: Yes, I want it.

So I left, thinking I had about a 70% chance of getting my prescriptions filled correctly. Frank and I spoke on the phone later that night. We spoke on the phone again the next day. We spoke on the phone again a few weeks later when he figured out that he billed me wrong after taking an inventory. Somewhere along the way I shared with Frank that we work for the same parent company and that I really didn’t want to bother him with all these annoying sales, and all this pesky business for his pharmacy, but I didn’t have a choice as his pharmacy is the only one “in-network”. I don’t think Frank cared.

When I went last night to pick up my prescriptions Frank had the night off. Things went pretty smoothly with two exceptions:

1. The insurance won’t pay to renew my BCP until Feb 4th, which is a pain because now I have to make another trip to the pharmacy/grocery store.

2. When the pharmacy tech rang up my prescriptions I heard her say, “woah”. I’m not sure if that was a reaction to the price of the meds, the amount of my copay, or the fact that she just realized that a real life barren woman was at her counter.

Another hurdle cleared on the way to baby bliss…


Mary said...

That's awesome that you have your arsenal ready to go:)
Looks like we are neighbors as well. I wonder if we work for the same company, lol.

Anonymous said...

I am SO LUCKY to deal with mail order specialty pharmacy. Pick up the phone and UPS has my order the next day!

Shinejil said...

Hey, you did better than I did the first time I tried to fill an IF-related rx. After waiting a day or so, I walked away with nothing by a 25 gauge needle.

But then again, I didn't have a Frank there.

barrenisthenewblack said...

maybe the tech thinks that the reason you need can't get pregnant and need all the fertility drugs is because you also have an rx for BCP's:).
Congrats on picking up the drugs. I know each step can sometimes be a victory.

Sarah said...

I love my mail order pharmacy. They specialize only in fertility medications. So they know what they are doing and are REALLY nice. I have my stuff the next day. And they send it to my work...

Caroline said...

I love your description of Frank. I had the opposite problem. A young helpful guy that worked at the pharmacy and really really really wanted me to fall pregnant. Every time he refilled my clomid prescription he would look sad and say "I hope it works this time." I felt as though I was disappointing him so I am going to have to find another pharmacy when I start IVF! I don't know what is worse, a pharmacist who cares too little or too much!

Michelle said...

I only do mine through mail order and I love it. However, they just switched my mail order company and I am a little worried about how they will be. It is weird how I feel better about getting these rx's by mail when usually I am the complete opposite... Probably because I do not want to deal with people like your "friendly" pharmacist Frank.

Anonymous said...

Bwaaahahahahahahah!! "Are you sure you want it?" Bwaahahaha!! I can imagine your face when Frank said that. You should have come back with some snappy, shitty remark. I am sure you were sweet as pie although. Would they have had the same response to someone who was getting meds for diabeties? Lymphoma? When I got my IVF meds I went to a specialized pharmacy. I was amazed by the amount of meds in my sack at the check out. The pharmacist said that he had already processed 5 IVF patients that morning. Ask your RE if there is another pharmacy they suggest. Possibly, one where the techs arn't mornons.

Paula Keller said...

Your blog is fantastic! I'm loving your sense of humor!

I didn't buy a car but I have done a lot of retail therapy these past few months. I think I have the best winter wardrobe Ive ever had! LOL

That craft organization area is crazy! I have a thing for my labelmaker and containers myself.

kirke said...

I love that Frank asked if you want it....."Well, I was kind of on the fence, but since you put it that way...."

Just one more IFer hoop to jump through.

April said...

the pharmacy staff sees me coming and gets out the huge grocery bag o'meds (i also get them filled at a grocery store pharmacy--but i have to b/c they are the ones that are in area who can get the drugs the easiest).

i always feel like the people in the store are looking at me like i must be dying or picking up my grandfather's meds or something ;)

Kristin said...

thank god my scrips are mail-order... i don't think i could handle frank.
have a good weekend, megan!

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