Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun With Math Part 2

1 positive pregnancy test
1 baby bassinet purchased
1 miscarriage
1 D&C

2 people trying to survive this
2 people trying to become 3

3 months of Clomid for my husband
5 months of Clomid for me

6 semen samples
10 million sperm (that's not many)

12 unwanted periods after
13 cycles of trying naturally
36 negative pregnancy tests (approximately)

65 injections
Thousands of dollars spent
Thousands of tears shed
Zero babies


Anonymous said...

I don't want to do math any more. Its depressing.

Tara said...

Math sucks.

Did your husband take clomid? Intriguing. My husbands last SA - he only had 10M. Which is not a great count.

Mary said...

When a guy takes Clomid does it makes them as wacky as it makes us? I've always wondered.

Megan said...

He didn't really seem that wacky. I think that Clomid for guys is kinda iffy. His urologist gave it to him just to see if there was a difference. Our RE said it probably wouldn't help, but it wouldn't hurt. We ended up going into IVF anyway so we never really did an SA after he was on it for three months so I'm not sure if it helped or not.

'Murgdan' said...

We passed on the Clomid offer...but my husbands counts were so low it wouldn't help to even triple them...

Geez. Who would have thought all those numbers added up to ZERO! Grrrr.

Eb said...

Your numbers brought up a question for me. How do we stay 'up'? What can we do when the numbers feel overwhelming?

Michelle said...

I never liked math!

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