Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Call Me When You Get a Real Period

I had an RE appointment yesterday, a good one for once. So much to share...

1. I'm only have to take the Lupron for two more weeks.

2. I'm not supposed to have sex for another two weeks. (I have to admit I haven't exactly followed this advice to the letter, but I behaved better on this one than the liquid diet I was supposed to be on for a three week span covering vacation AND Christmas -- yeah right.)

3. I can return to full physical activity (with the exception of 2 above). So this means no more excuse not to go to the gym.

4. My RE once again hugged me. This was wrong for two reasons. A. I'm not a hugger. B. I don't generally hug men other than my husband when I'm not wearing pants.

Next Steps: So RE tells me to call him when I get my period. I pipe up and say, "I already got my period. It started yesterday." Admittedly my flow has quickly turned to a trickle. Unless things pick up again, you can hardly call it a period. RE says, "You're not bleeding now are you? Call me when you get a real period." OK then. Time to hurry up and wait again.


Liz said...

No, not hugging a doctor. Firm handshakes, maybe even a shoulder slap but not a hug.

I Believe in Miracles said...

That doctor was -W-R-O-N-G-.

I'm sorry about #2. That's sad. I'm hoping AF shows up in FULL force very soon.


Anonymous said...

A real period as opposed to a "fake" one? Gee, thanks.

I once had a GYN smack my butt with my medical record, but never had a huggie one! Ugh.

Mo said...

I hope you get your period very very soon.

Tell your MD to back off if you're not comfortable with the hugs.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and writing your supportive comment - I'm glad to have found your site!


Leslie Laine said...

Hope AF flies in really, really soon.

Anonymous said...

Hugging?????? Oh my.

My RE is a "patter". He pats my arm a lot.

But he is a lovely lovely man so I don't mind. I think he probably does that to everyone he meets.

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