Monday, December 8, 2008

Top Ten Things that are Unfair about my Cancelled IVF Cycle

1. I have a $15k lifetime max for infertility insurance and now half has been used before I even get to egg retrieval (apologies to those with no insurance).
2. I still have to do lupron shots every morning for two weeks or I might ovulate and die apparently.
3. My ovaries hurt like a MF.
4. I have to look at my bruised belly every morning…a nice reminder of happier shots.
5. I have to be positive for my husband because he has lost hope.
6. I am one step closer to being one of “those” people with 8 or 9 failed IVFs under their belt and still no baby. (No offense to “those” people…you are my heroes and my biggest fear.)
7. Maternity leave is at least another month or two (or more???) away.
8. Since we started IVF my RE has been in my vagina more than my husband.
9. Last AF I naively bought the small box of tampons since I thought it would be my last one for awhile…
10. I’d like to buy myself something nice, but I’m too scared to spend money I might need for IVF cycles.


Anonymous said...


I wish you much success. It sucks when cycles do not go as we anticipate them going. Or worse when we have the perfect cycle that goes awry. Sigh.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Welcome to the blog world! My first IVF cycle didn't quite go as planned either...

Of your list, #8 cracks me up. And I so do #10 too.

Good luck on your journey.


April said...

Hi Megan,

Welcome to the IF blogosphere :) This group is very supportive and can help a lot with the hope and stress factor.

I really relate to #9 and 10. Every time I buy that damn box of tampons I am convinced that it will be the last. Dammit.

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Welcome to IF blogging! I hope you find it to be as much of a support as I have.

#10: Buy it! Doesn't have to be something very expensive, as long as it's just for you. I'm partial to fancy soaps, myself. Yes, $9 is more than I need to spend on soap, but when it's the right scent, all is right with the world for a few minutes in the shower.

twondra said...

I found your blog through L&F at Stirrups. I'm so sorry you've had to go through so much. We've had 12 IUIs and recently went through an IVF where our transfer was cancelled because our eggs fertilized but failed to divide which is very, very rare. We're looking into donor eggs now. Feel free to check out my blog if you wish. I'm so sorry about all you have to go through. (((HUGS)))


Megan said...

Thanks so much for the support. It's been a difficult week physically. Just waiting for the next step.

Tara said...

Hey! I found your blog the other day and am catching up now! Welcome to this wonderful, theraputic world of blogging. Your list is hysterical!

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