Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Funniest IF Moment

So, I just have to get this story out. My RE is an older gentleman, the archetypal grandpa. He is forever starting inane conversations about stuff I could care less about, especially since I am generally in a hurry to get back to work. So I’m sitting up on the table waiting for an ultrasound. He comes in, puts the condom on the probe (no love with no glove, right? ) and lubes it up. All the while he talking about the unseasonably cold weather and how it was much colder in Chicago where he grew up. So while he’s talking he shaking this thing (which let’s face it, is just a high tech dildo) and using it to gesture and make points. I felt like I was on candid camera. It was so bizarre.

So hubby and I are off to NYC and Chicago for Christmas. I hope the weather is not too bad.

1 comment:

Mad Hatter said...

The visual on this is just too hilarious! I can just imagine what that must have been like with this old guy gesturing in your va-jay-jay! Thanks for sharing!

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