Saturday, May 30, 2009

A More Coherent Reflection on Retrieval

Ever since finding out about my three follicles I was really depressed. I went to work, but didn't do much beyond what HAD to be done. I ate a lot of "bad for me" food. I laid on the sofa each night after work until it was time to go to bed. Every twitch in my ovaries was impending bad news. Every time I felt no symptoms was impending bad news.

My trigger shot was at 2AM Friday morning. My coordinator apologized for the time, but quite honestly I was not sleeping well at all and had been up at 2AM in the morning all week.

After the trigger shot all felt quiet from an ovary perspective. It felt too quiet. By Saturday I was sure I had already ovulated and that they would find nothing at retrieval.

Waiting for a 4PM retrieval was a real drag. No eating, no drinking, nothing on TV...and no one really blogs on the weekend so no distractions there. However, I did some JUMBLES and here was one...

Embryo? Really? Thanks for the distraction Daily Word Jumble.

So we FINALLY leave for our 4PM appointment. We were instructed to be there an hour early. We take two highways to get to the doctor's office. On highway number one there was an alert that there was an accident on highway number two. I inform hubby of this, but he says that since we are only going one exit on highway number two, he's not concerned. I'm sure you can see where this is going... We got stuck in traffic, but we were still an hour and fifteen early so it all turned out OK.

When we got to the office they were ahead of schedule and I barely sat down in the waiting room before my name was called. I didn't even get to read about Katie and Suri. From that point on I would swear that the crew was trying to beat some sort of retrieval land speed record. My husband barely had time to rub one out before they were calling him back to the recovery room.

I awoke to someone yelling at me to breathe...which I was doing, but I wanted to sleep too. Instead I had to get up and get out of there. It was like dawn at a frat house. I was groggy, trying to dress myself, and I had a vague feeling that something had penetrated my vagina.

Seriously though, my husband had to help me dress. I have no memory of getting in the car or to my bed at home. I guess they were busy and ready to get me out of there.

For tonight Tony and I are thrilled. Considering the cards we were dealt this cycle, this is the absolute best thing we could have hoped for at retrieval. And as my husband likes to remind me, we have never been this far before. Of course tomorrow we will get the fert report which could be more bad news, but for today the news was good and we are celebrating that!


ryanandjoesmom said...

It's all about the little celebrations along the way. Hope the fert report is a great one. Get some sleep tonight!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Holy crap. The "rub one out" and frat house morning description gave me the giggles. Awesome. Good luck to you and your husband. Cheering you on!

Anonymous said...

One day at a time, it's the best thing right now.

Sorry to hear it was so rushed, I hope you got to chill out and relax when you got home.


Gabby said...

five eggs! that's great! your post cracked me up - the good news is the transfer experience is WAY BETTER than the retrieval experience!

Hopefully the good ones will stay good, and the less good eggs will grow strong under the care of the embryologists..

Can't wait to hear the fertilization report. Crossing everything for you!

one-hit_wonder said...

Hoping for a great fert report. That's atrocious about the clinic rushing you out - it goes against human dignity, seriously!

'Murgdan' said...

Small victories...we'll take them. Waiting for your good news.

Peaches said...

LOL! Dawn at a frat house...too funny! Keep that sense of humor--it will help in the next few days/weeks :) Sending lots of fert vibes your way!!

Anonymous said...

Great retrieval story!

While I am slightly paranoid, I've always felt the world conspired against us infertile gals (making sure every pregnant lady in the world crosses our paths, etc.). Now, thanks to Jumble, I KNOW that's true :)

Good luck with the fert report. I'll be checking back.

Callie said...

That's awesome that they got you in so quickly! I would have been so anxious!

Hoping to hear fantastic news about the fert report!!

Anonymous said...

Weird that they rushed you so fast, but at the same time, who wants to hang out there any more than usual? You made me spit up my decaf with your frat house line.

And yes, more seriously, celebrate what you got. Keeping my fingers crossed for your fert. report, and here's hoping that this is the time you make your own perfect, un-jumbled E-M-B-R-Y-O-s that turn into babies, in due course.

Anonymous said...

I blog on the weekend :) But I know what you mean...

I would say EMBRYO is a good sign!

Can't wait to hear about the fert report!!!

Mary said...

Hey Megan,

I'm sure your fert report will be great. I'm thinking and praying for you!


Kate said...

Thanks for making me laugh, oh man, at the frat house description. TOO Funny. Seriously now. And congratulations on your wonderful retrieval. here's hoping for a fabulous fertility report and a transfer that is much more humane than your retrieval. 5 eggs! how cool is that?

warmly, Kate

Liz said...

Best of luck, you're on your way.

Paula Keller said...

Yea, both times I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep when people were trying to wake me up. They actually made me sit up both times, I was so out of it. Seriously, what would be wrong with a little nappypoo after retrieval? We've worked hard, ya know!

Tiger said...

Praying for you :)

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