Saturday, May 9, 2009

The M Day

I don't remember birthdays. I have to think to remember my anniversary date. In fact, I have a hard time remembering numbers in general; dates, phone numbers, zip codes... I haven't used an ATM in years because I can't remember my PIN. (I must have killed that part of my brain in college.)

But this post isn't about my learning disbilities or college drinking etc. This post is about dates. One date specifically. Quite honestly if I didn't read blogs I wouldn't even know that this weekend is Mother's Day. I also am missing the gene that makes a big deal out of holidays such as Mother's Day as evidenced by the following conversation with my mother. (I don't think this is a selfish thing. I also don't make a big deal out of my own birthday.)

Mother: Your Aunt K is meeting your grandmother in Iowa this weekend and I'm wondering if I should go.

Me: That sounds fun. You should go, but I'm not. That's way too far to drive for a weekend and I have to work Monday.

Mother: Well, I was wondering if you were planning on coming to visit me this weekend.

[Confused for a moment, but then I put the pieces together and realize that this weekend is Mother's Day.]

Me: Oh, well, I guess I can come visit. Do you want me to?

I'm not going to visit my mother. We decided that she should go and be with my brother and her mother and we could celebrate Mother's Day another time.

So I will be at home tomorrow, treating Mother's Day like any other Sunday which is just fine with me. I hope that you get to do the same thing!!!


Anonymous said...

Not me...I am working--collecting 8 hours of over time plus travel plus mileage. Heck yeah I'm profiting off the day!

Anonymous said...

i always forget about it. the blogs helped me to remember this year as well... my sister is working, so we are not going to visit my mom until like 3 wks later :) i hope she doesn't take it personally!!!

Leslie Laine said...

Good for you. Self care is the best thing you can do, especially on M day.

one-hit_wonder said...

I agree with the pp - taking care of yourself is important!

I'm not a Mother's Day person, for obvious reasons, but I'm also not a 'holiday' kind of person at all. They're all just commercial grabs for our wallets. Am not sure why I'm supposed to celebrate Mother's and Father's Day, anyway, since I am nice to my parents every day, and I think that's better. lol

Liz said...

It isn't mothers day in the UK so we've escaped this particular blip. (Ours was a few months ago, I thought it was hard before, now it is doubly so, so I resolutely ignore it).

Paula Keller said...

I can't remember numbers either! I am FOREVER confusing dates and stuff. It's really kind of a pain sometimes! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

I also don't get the big deal about holidays either, and it gets me in trouble sometimes. Like, I remembered but then I forgot my mom's birthday this year. But I think I've made ammends with her mother's day present.

My husband and I went out for a fancy "you're not a mom for mother's day, but that's okay because we've got wine" dinner. It helped. :)

Jenny said...

I also don't understand the big deal about holidays and birthdays. Honestly, mothers day and fathers day, sweetest day and valentines day - all of these are Hallmark holidays. And other holidays are getting over done each and every year.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I also lay low. My mom understood. I hope your mom did too.

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