Monday, March 16, 2009

Where Are My Babies?

My husband LOVES the A&E show Intervention. If you haven't seen it, basically, they follow around an addict making them think that they are in a documentary about addiction, but instead their friends and families are planning an intervention. So it's typical reality show crap, but there are some touching and inspirational stories. And one episode that was a true gem.

That gem was Sylvia. Oh Sylvia. Sylvia was an alcoholic. I don't want to make light of her situation, but the best thing about Sylvia was that she used to be an actress so she was so over the top melodramatic. This is the best scene from the whole show, maybe even the whole series. She lost custody of her children due to her alcoholism. I've never had children, but I can so relate to this scene. I wonder where my babies are too.

I LOVE Sylvia. (She is doing much better by the way, per the update show.) This scene has become an inside joke in my house. We imitate Sylvia whenever possible. The other day my husband was making dinner in the kitchen and I heard him saying, in his best "Sylvia" impression,






Where are my chicken wings? Where are my chicken wings? Where are my chicken wings?"

I was cracking up.


Candi said... of my fave episodes. Second to the "I'm walkin on sunshiiiiiiine" computer cleaner huffer girl. Poor Sylvia. I would hate to not know where my babies were...or my chicken wings.

Anonymous said...

On the serious side - if you have known or ever been touched by addiction issues - the devastation of this individual is as real as anyone dealing with cancer, heart disease, or infertility. It is truly not something to make light of.

Megan said...

I have been touched by addiction (an aunt) and cancer (a grandmother) and heart disease (a father) and infertility (me). Making light of these situations is how I personally deal with it.

areyoukiddingme said...

You know, people who only have occasional encounters with the dark side of life cannot make light of them. People who encounter the dark side of life frequently - they can make light...because they have to. I spend a lot of time mired in the dark side...and the chicken wings? Hilarious! said...

that is flippin hilarious!

and yeah, this has been the worst year to date and if i didn't find things to laugh at i'd occasionally it's nice to laugh

'Murgdan' said...

LMFAO! Bwhahahaha! Especially the 'where are my chicken wings' part.

Oh. And if you've ever been touched by infertility you know that's not something to make light of either...yet I somehow find myself doing it again and again and again.

Erica said...

I'm so happy that I'm ending my commenting with your blog tonight, Megan. This was hysterical, seriously! Sad for Sylvia, but the connection to infertility was genius. (And I agree that she was acting just a bit for the cameras, but just a bit)

I don't even know you, yet I can picture your DH in the kitchen wondering where his chicken wings are.

Congrats on the twin sofas by the way. :)

LaceFace said...

That show is scarily addictive!! I haven't seen the Sylvia one but I'll have to keep my eyes open!

Anonymous said...

Well, as someone with an alcoholic father (and just about everyone else on that side of the family) I can say that I'm not offended in the least.

Infertility and addiction are similar in some ways, but the biggest difference is that addiction requires many steps of wrong-choice making to get to the point where poor Sylvia was.

Infertilty involves doing all the right steps and finding ourselves in the same dang-on place.

On a lighter note, we had a running joke in my house where my on a long car trip one year my brother announced "I'm sick of chicken!" for no apparent reason.

So we've adopted that into our inside joke vocab as well.


ME! said...

I think you HAVE to laugh in life- even with serious things. If you don't- you will go crazy. I have had friends, family memembers and patients suffer from addiction. We all know someone. You will go crazy being serious all the time.

On a LIGTHER note. She could get a Razzie award. :) Did you guys ever find your Chicken Wings?

Misty said...

Holy crap that couldn't have been any better in a serious and a lighthearted way. I feel like screaming that along with, where is my wasted money or wasted time. I do like your "Where are my chicken wings." Thanks for always having the best videos.

Julize said...

Oh my God, thank you so much. That clip made me laugh so hard I cried (and I really needed that today).

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