Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I am feeling very uncomfortable.

I couldn't stay asleep last night.

Is this how I always feel at this point?

Have I forgotten?

Or is this how you feel when you have more than five or six follicles growing?

Maybe they are growing too big.

And my ovaries will explode like the Death Star.

Or maybe they are fizzling away.

I hate this time between ultrasounds.

I hate not knowing what is going on inside me.

Guessing at symptoms.

Or lack of symptoms.

Good news or bad news?

I guess I will find out tomorrow.


gwinne said...

Thinking of you.

TeeJay said...

I'm hoping you are growing some good follies in there. I know what you mean about not knowing what is going on inside all the time. Best of luck with your next u/s and I hope you are pleasantly surprised again.

Moky said...

I hear you, IVF waits are the hardest I've been through yet...

Pie said...

Totally normal - I always feel belchy during stims - but it is a good sign, means you have follies growing! Hang in there!!

areyoukiddingme said...

Impatience + hope + fear + worry + waiting + completely unable to fully focus on anything else

Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Good luck, Megan.

Kate said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Valerie said...

I remember that feeling going thru ivf...the lack of seemed like my brain was on over-drive as well as my ovaries.

Good luck. I'll be praying for you.


kdactyl said...

Ohhh...I remember this feeling. This is GOOD. The cycles I didn't feel like this were the ones where I did not get a lot of just know that this is GOOD. Hang in there...and by all means...don't plop down too hard on the couch...I learned that one the hard way. Slow and deliberate movements. tee hee

Kate said...

I sleep for crap during stims too- I think this is just how it feels for some of us, you know, pondering impending doom, etc etc. when actually? there are follicles growing in there! and good things are happening! (and how you have all this great new information that will help make this work!0
And, I'm with kd, slow, deliberate movements, no bouncing, no twisting, it will be sore.

sending love and hopes for you for a reassuring us,

AmyG said...

Thinking of you too and wishing you the best!

Kim said...

I hate the wondering too! Best of luck today, hopefully you will have some answers!

Kate said...

Good luck tomorrow with the scan and bloodwork. Sounds like things are growing well so far - it had better continue the same way!

Liz said...

What, young lady, is your hop-o-meter doing at 1?

Crank it up.

And that is an order.

(Good luck)

finch said...

Feeling uncomfortable is undoubtedly a good thing. From now on: NO housework, NO meal preparation, LOTS of puppy cuddles and bad t.v. And I agree with WFI: I want to see that Hope-O-Meter go up. Mega follies, remember??

the misfit said...

DEATH STAR OVARIES FULLY OPERATIONAL! Hahahaha. (Sorry. In an uncharacteristically light-hearted mood, and that was pretty funny.)

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