Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm going to admit that I have been scammed by the Internet. I've given money to infertility treatment funds only to find later that those treatments never took place. So I don't take this post lightly, but I believe in this story.

I have been reading Bonnie's blog since I started blogging, back when she was "the angry one". We have IVF cycled together. We have been cancelled together. We have failed together. I read her new blog with envy as she inched closer and closer to taking home a baby through domestic adoption. I was devastated when that adoption fell through. Bonnie's raw and honest emotions that she shared with all of us during that time really touched me. I felt her pain.

Bonnie is a survivor...she is tenacious...and she is determined to be a mother.

Bonnie is currently trying to raise money in order to bring her daughter home from Africa.

Please visit her blog and enter her adoption raffle. For just $5 you can enter to win an iPod touch (which is a pretty awesome thing in my book since my current iPod is the first iPod ever made that was given to me by my sister). But don't feel like you have to stop there, every $5 earns you another iPod touch raffle entry. Entries stop May 2nd at noon.

***Bonnie, I wish you all the luck in the world with your fundraising and your new daughter. Please do not enter me in the raffle for this blog post. This blog post comes from my heart. However, I will be making my donation/entry today because I WANT THAT iPOD!!!


inBetween said...

Africa is a big continent. What country are they adopting from? Why doesn't she make it clear what country? This feels like too little information to be real; like the student who claimed to be dying of cancer but didn't know anything specific at all about her disease or prognosis. Sorry to be skeptical... but I work in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Megan said...

She is adopting from Congo. I appreciate your skepticism. Like I said, I've been burnt before. I think Bonnie is for real and I wouldn't post this if I didn't believe in the story. However, we all have to make that judgement ourselves.

Bonnie said...

I don't post more information because I CAN'T post more information. We are legally contracted NOT to post information about our specific country or child (or post photos) through our agency. If you'd like to see our PASSWORD protected adoption blog, I can send it to you.

My infertility/adoption PUBLIC blog is at

You want my Facebook account too? How about copies of my taxes?

Bonnie said...

By the way...Thanks Megan for your donation and your heartfelt post.

Yeah, we have been through a lot together. For sure. Drop me an email at onesweetworld at gmail dot com when you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

I will be making a donation. People helped us out--even though we're still waiting for our I have no problem paying it forward.

Thus even if this wouldn't come to fruition I wouldn't consider it a scam but rather life getting in the way.

Amy@LittlePinkDollhouse said...

I have followed Bonnie from way back in the day when she was "The Angry Infertile" and I just have to say, Bonnie is an amazing person and I can't wait for her to bring her princess home! <3

inBetween said...

Thanks for the updates -- best of luck with the adoption! I have just seen some really sad things with international adoptions in eastern Africa (poor women paid to have babies to sell to foreigners). Can't help but be skeptical when things are vague. I hope your travels to the Congo are safe and you baby is healthy and brings you lots of happiness!

Bonnie said...

Hey Megan,

Can you delete the comment above where you said what country we are adopting from? Someone saw it on a google search and I want to keep that private as per our agency's requirements.

THANKS!!! <3

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