Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Power of Positive Thinking?

I like the idea of the power of positive thinking. I like the idea that my attitude (something I can control) could influence the outcome of anything. I like the idea that through the sheer force of my positive thoughts I could will myself to become pregnant.

I like the idea.

I want to believe in the idea.

I'm almost there.

Positive thinking makes me feel vulnerable. Positive thinking makes me feel exposed. Positive thinking makes me feel raw.

I'm pushing through and doing it anyway.


This could work.

This could work.

This could work.

Before you think it's all Pollyanna over here, I have to admit that the negative thoughts still get in there.

I still fear that this won't work.

I still fear that this will never work.

Last cycle was 80% negative thoughts, 20% positive thoughts, and ended up a disaster. Opposite hypothesis proved.

This cycle is 80% positive thoughts and 20% negative thoughts.

We shall see.


'Murgdan' said...

I share your positivity.

I share your fear.

Anonymous said...

Here's to keeping my fingers positively crossed for you.

JB said...

My first cycle was overwhelmingly positive, up until we got the negative. However, I think of each cycle as an independent experiment, so I figure there's no use in going into this next one (in 1 week) with any less enthusiasm. So long as I can muster it...that's the trick! We can do it (*cue Rosie the Riveter image*)!

Kiki said...

ditto! :)

Just me said...

I have that same argument for myself. I feel like I have to hope for the best while I prepare for the worst... but if I do that, does it count as positive thinking???

Nicole said...

I am so with you on this! Hang in there...we're rooting for you and being positive for you, even if you find it hard some moments.

You're doing great!

areyoukiddingme said...

I think there's a difference between positive thought that is absolute determination and positive thought that is hopefulness. When you have the absolute determination, you know what can happen, you prepare for possibilities and do everything you can to prevent any downsides from occurring. When people are just "positive," I think they choose not to think of the possible bad outcomes. It doesn't help to ignore the bad, because you're more devastated if it does happen.

I think that positive thinking that is absolute determination will serve you will.

areyoukiddingme said...

Sorry ...will serve you well. :)

Meg. said...

I'll pick up the missing 20% positivity. Now you're 100% covered! =)

Eb said...

With all of us sending you positive vibes you will be the most positive person on planet earth!!
Good luck for this cycle - this is the one!!

Mary said...

I'm rooting for you, Megan!!

Panamahat said...

Wishing you the very best of luck with positive thinking. At the very least, you feel better while you do the cycle, which can't be a bad thing. I have my fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Fear is completely different than negative thinking!

Positive thinking with a fear of the unknown is perfectly normal!

You keep up the good work!!!

Monica said...

I GET THIS POST. I repeat: I get this post (even though it's way too early on the west coast to be thinking about the higher-level math you threw in there at the very end).

This past entire year of my life has been characterized by my efforts to manipulate my brain's level of positive thinking (with the help of my girlfriends Caffeinetta, Boozette, and Sexella). Positive thinking has been my corny mantra for the past year or so. Like you, I want it - believe in it. For a while it was to get pregnant, and stay pregnant. Now, I've essentially given up that whole idea and use positive thinking to steady myself in other areas of my life. Because, as you say, positive thinking leaves us vulnerable to failure - which sounds so obvious and simplistic - but it's just dang true. So I take on a cynical bee-yatchy attitude about things I'm tired of thinking positively about (ie: making a living child), and hurl my positivity in other directions (ie: sex, traveling, writing, and other adult pleasures). One of these days I might be unafraid again to hope for a baby, in which case I might inch my way back up to the above-50% mark for positive baby-making thinking.

Good luck on your own baby-making, happy-thinking experiment. Looking forward to the results. ;-)

B. said...

Positivity is beaming at you from here, too!

Erica said...

Sending even more positive thoughts your way.

One Who Understands said...

It is amazing what positive thinking can do. People say they think the worst so that when it happens they are not so stunned. I think you will be stunned either way, so you might as well think positive and enjoy what you can.

Bluebird said...

Thinking positive thoughts with you. Surely that might help, too - right?!! :)

ME! said...

YEAH! This is the highest I have seen the hope-o-meter EVE-AH!! Hip Hip Horray! I am hoping SO HARD for you girl. :)

Melissa G said...

We must be on somekind of cosmic wavelength. I've been trying to do that as much as I can lately. Weird.

Even my other less Pollyanna side says: Stick with the positive. If this cycle fails it's going to suck whether I had my head in the clouds or not.

Anonymous said...

I'm pulling for you no matter what the thoughts! I can't seem to fully embrace the 'positive' thinking thing either. It frankly terrifies me to death. Praying for nothing but the perfect intersection of all things that will be successful this cycle!

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