Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Stuff

Years ago, before trying to conceive, hubby and I were browsing in the baby clothing section of a department store for fun. Remember when browsing in the baby aisle was fun and there was no emotional baggage attached? We saw the cutest windbreaker advertising the local professional baseball team. My husband is a huge fan, so we bought it.

It was an impulse purchase, but we rationalized, thinking it was a light jacket that could be worn in almost any season and since my husband is determined to make a child of either sex a fan of the local professional baseball team, what the heck? Why not? Looking back, it was fun. We even told people at parties that we had bought it. It was an amusing story. Look at the newly married couple already planning for their future child. No pressure. At that point in our lives we were like a child who thinks they will never die. We could get pregnant whenever we wanted, whenever we decided the time was right.

When I got pregnant, (almost two years ago now!), I bought a bassinet. I had already been looking at it online for months. I watched it go on back order and come off and I wanted it. I didn’t want to risk it going on back order again. I even made my husband assemble it when it arrived. I did this all in the four weeks between finding out that I was pregnant and finding out I wasn’t pregnant. Now the bassinet is in the basement covered with a sheet. I am so sick of looking at that sheet covered bassinet, I have seriously considered throwing it in the trash more than once.

I bought a baby blanket once, OK twice. One has green and white stripes that I saw on sale at Target and I couldn’t resist. How does Target do that? The other I bought with a Pottery Barn coupon that was about to expire. Did you know that those coupons work at Pottery Barn Kids too? If retailers carried cuter unisex baby stuff I would probably have a fully decorated and stocked nursery.

I haven’t bought anything for months and months and months…maybe a year. What have you bought?


Liz said...

Nothing. Thank goodness.

Though I have very, very clear ideas about what I want, and as soon as I get the green light (or healthy scans) I'm all over it.

Nic said...

I have bought a book about pregnancy. I have only read the section about getting pregnant. I will not read the pregnancy section untill I get a BFP. That book may get a bit dusty!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly NOTHING.

I can't do it. Now when we were going through our foster parent classes we were given a TON of hand me downs--crib, basinett, clothes. I threw them all away after my miscarriage.

I will NOT buy a stitch of clothing, or one crib until I am well into my 3rd trimester.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a member of a book club and bought the whole disney collectables books.

Ended up giving them to my god-daughter.

Haven't bought anything since.


Shannon said...

Nothing....but I have been so tempted, I have lots of pregnant friends, so I just buy for them...hoping they will return the favour when I get my miracle.

Melissa G said...

I used to work for Home Depot, and everytime I'd walk through the Electrical Department to my office in the back of the store, I'd see this Fish shaped Tiffany light. I know that might sound weird, but its actually small and delicate and totally appropriate for a nursery. I loved it, so one day I bought it. I thought I was being all cute. This was about a year after we got married and about 2 before we started trying. It's in one of our closets, and everytime I see it I want to drop it on purpose just so I'll have a reason to throw it away.

My husband is a cabinet maker and really wants to build all of the baby furniture. For some ridiculous reason he doesn't understand why I am so hesitant to pick out designs. I guess it's sweet that he is so optimistic, but for now I feel like I won't shop for anything until I'm in labor.

I think I heard that Orthodox Jews won't decorate or buy for a nursery until after the baby is born. Smart people.

UnicornMommy said...

Nothing this time around. I am five weeks pregnant. I have looked, but not bought. I am very very hesitant. the one thing I really want is a bassinet. But wont buy one yet.

My MIL has bought some clothes. both genders and her excuse is that the items were 2 bucks or less on sale. They are in her room out of my eye sight.

We dont have much left over from when our son was an infant. there have been too many cousins since. And they got all Bug's old stuff.

I've had to m/c and two nephews born in the same m/c month.

Misty said...

I haven't bought anything, but more than once I've had to stop myself from buying a diaper bag. I tried to convince myself that I could use it as regular bag. I'm glad that I didn't buy it.

Rambler said...

I bought some cute onesies for my SIL when she had her baby. By the time we visited her, they fit my niece perfectly (no room to grow though). So my SIL told me to just keep them for "when you need them". That was almost 3 years ago and they're still sitting in the closet, tags on, just waiting to be used. :(

Best When Used By said...

I too gathered a few items years ago. Before I was married. When baby clothes were fun.

I "collected" a newborn undershirt from each of the hospitals I worked at as a peds nurse. You know, they each have the name of the hospital across the front. At the time I thought, hey, this will be cute someday.

I also have a Carter's newborn size onesie with a print that I thought was adorable when I saw it.

They still wait. Sigh.

Jenn said...

I started purchasing baby items even before we were married. Then my sister got pregnant and I gave everything to her, making her promise to give it back to me. I kept purchasing baby clothes when they would go on sale and I have an entire dresser full. My sister has since had two more children and the items I gave to her are in horrible condition and I would never want them back. 3 1/2 years later we still do not have a baby. I can't even open the dresser drawers without tears streaming down my cheeks now.

Once Upon A Time said...

In high school and college I worked at a national children's clothing store- and although my co-workers went nuts buying baby stuff when it was on sale (even those without little ones) I only did once for a little yellow outfit I couldn't resist. I rationalized that it would work for either gender, any time of the year. I almost gave it to my brother when my godson was born, but my mom wouldn't let me. So in my closet it sits. I'm just thankful that I drew the line with that one item.

Caroline said...

Like you I used to enjoy browsing in the baby section. It was so cute. Now I only go in there when I am feeling strong enough - to buy my friends their baby gifts. I don't buy anything for us anymore as a baby seems so far away right now.

leahjane8 said...

Not much actually. In the four months I was pregnant, I never bought anything for the baby.

But about a year ago, I bought a onesie that says "worth the wait."

And last week, when I bought these ADORABLE little summer dresses for my god daughter's 1st birthday, I bought one for myself. I couldn't NOT - it was so frickin cute. It made me feel a little crazy, but I had to do it.

Anonymous said...

I bought an adorable onesie from gap. I bought a blanket. I also bought something with my husband's favorite college football team on it. Oh, and some baby socks, the day before I miscarried. I don't really have a lot of energy on these baby things, probably because I have them hidden away in a closet.

LaceFace said...

I have what I like to call a "super secret baby stash" or "ssbs" for short. I have treasured children's books, kitschy onesies, a pink adidas track suit for baby, a baby "memory" book and, like you, a sports team jersey.

No baby for us either!

Frau said...

I haven't bought anything, but I painted the nursery. Occasionally someone is staying in our spare bedroom, they look around and say, "Hey, these colors would be cute in a nursery."

Aw nuts.

Anonymous said...

nothing. its bad enough that one of our bed rooms is unusable because its the "baby room" (said in a whisper).

just can't buy anything - oh, other than the bibs that say "i love daddy" that i bought when i got pregnant last year. that didn't last and i have no idea what happened to those bibs. dh probably tossed them.


Just Believing said...

Right now...3 onesies...and hubby allowed me to buy the bedding but I returned it felt to bad about bedding with no baby...

But there having a kids ocnsignment sale in our town on the 18th of may..and um yeah i plan on buying alot..why because its a good deal

just like target...i'm a sucker

Infertility is Hard said...

My husband was in England, and bought a newborn onesie with our favorite soccer team's logo on it. It pains me to see it now. Sometimes I wonder if there will EVER be a baby who will be able to wear it.

Anonymous said...

Most of the baby stuff I have is hubby and my childhood stuff - cradle, little rocking chair, a couple outfits, pictures for the nursery, little figurines, etc. And we were given a changing table and a stroller, all of it kept in the basement, even though we have a "nursery".
The only things I've bought over 7 years are books (lots of books).
I refuse to buy baby clothes for a baby we don't have. I can't bring myself to do it.

Patricia said...

Remember when browsing in the baby aisle was fun and there was no emotional baggage attached?Oh my gosh, what truth there is in this.

My biggest "purchase" is an emotional one right now, and that is keeping the door open to the (ahem) nursery-in-waiting.

Seriously, this is a huge investment for me and it seems like the obvious. But that closed door has mocked me long enough. However I can't even imagine buying something to put in it.

Bluebird said...

We bought cribs - because I heard they were often on backorder, and my OB told me to be fully prepared by the start of my third tri since we were having twins.

They arrived, and DH set them up the day before I went into the hospital.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely anti-buying-baby things are this point in TTC. But last year right at the start of TTC #2, I bought a Baby Bjorn carrier at a rummage sale on a whim. Lots of good it does me. I have a basement full of all the baby things I've save from my son...sometimes I feel like pitching it all.

Fat Chick said...

I bought several pregnancy, childbirth and 1st year books. All of them are now in boxes under my bed. I also bought baby clothes which, like the books, are hidden from view.


sunflowerchilde said...

I haven't bought anything. I did start cleaning out the armoire in our office in hopes of having space for baby stuff, but I got discouraged and never finished.

I have saved some stuff from my childhood, including stuffed animals.

The thing that makes me saddest is a T-shirt my sister, brother, and I bought for my Dad when we were little. It says Best Dad in the World. My dad died five years ago and I found it when I was cleaning out his closet and took it, hoping to give it to my husband someday. I almost gave up and offered it to my brother (with his two kids), but I can't give up my hope yet.

Tiger said...

When I found out I was prego I bought some really cute baby outfits and then I m/c. The second time I bought one baby blanket and then m/c. The last time I did not buy anything and m/c after that. Every time I open the closet and see those little outfits hanging there I break down into tears. It is hard to open that door :( I will not buy anything anymore until I get to my 3rd trimester.

*TTC*Chick* said...

I bought a One-Fish, Two-Fish, Red-Fish, Blue-Fish Onesie. It's hanging in the closet in the guest bedroom. Once in awhile I get it out and look at sucks.

ME! said...

I honestly have not bought anything. Sad huh? I am so superstitious. I have almost broke down and bought a Cubs onesie...and a Steelers onesie...but I didn't.

I am also one of those nurses that will give you the evil eye if you say "It sure is quiet tonight" or "I am bored" Those words have never been uttered and chaos has not ensued.

Ladders, black cats, mirrors don't bother me though. For me it is the more personal superstions. :)

Chelsea Lietz said...

Guilty... I bought things I couldn't resist both times I was pregnant before miscarrying. And I won't lie, I still do. I hide them in a closet, and I usually hide them from my husband. {sigh} One of these days when I really am safely pregnant, I'll have the cutest baby things!

Jacky said...

I am Jewish and it is our custom to not buy/decorate before the baby is born. The really observant don't even tell the baby's name until the baby has been born and is 8 days old. :-)

I didn't buy anything until my kids were born. My friends gave me a shower when my daughter was 2 weeks old.

Its a custom because you don't want to have to take a nursery down if g-d forbid something bad happens.

My son is from IVF so I have some understanding of your pain. May things work out for you and soon--

Hugs from a stranger in Maryland

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