Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Infertility Sing-A-Long

OK, so there is one song that whenever I hear it I think about my miscarriage and start crying. The chorus goes like this:

"Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I'm trying not to think about you
Can't you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
Should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do"

Not totally appropriate, I know, but it got me thinking...

Why aren't there more songs about infertility? Weird idea...but stay with me. There could be pop song related to that hopeful two week wait time. Something with a nice beat that you could dance to (without shaking up your uterus of course). And the inevitable sappy country songs to cry along with when it all goes wrong.

Some suggestions:

She Thinks My Semen Analysis Results Are Sexy
Embryos in the Stream
Take this Pee Stick and Shove It
Stand By Your Embryologist
Did I Shave My Legs for This Appointment?
Acky Breaky Eggs
If You've Got the Money, I Need an IVF Cycle
On the Pill Again

Just a thought...too bad I can't sing.


Caroline said...

Hi Megan,
I love your posts. You have such a great sense of humor.
I came across some research that shows that women that maintain a sense of humor have better outcomes from IVF! (If it is true, i'm screwed!)

April said...

this is such a good idea. i would listen and sing along :)

Sarah said...

Take this Pee Stick and Shove It.


I cant sing either...I sound a bit like scuttle from the little mermaid. But maybe thats what these songs need. A bunch of infertile woman that cant sing belting out tunes. Me likes. Lemme know when we should get together for the demo. said...

Hilarious! I love seeing what new idea you've come up with!!

Sarah said...

What a great idea! :-) haha

It's true though, there are all these songs out there to help people deal with things in life, but no infertility songs!!

I'm gonna contact the Dixie Chicks about this :-) haha

Anonymous said...

Hee hee. my husband isn't happy about this post as I've just belted out a version of a few of these...also can't sing. Hilarious. Thank you for that.

Brittney said...

You are hilarious!:)

Emily said...

Too funny! I totally relate song lyrics to my life, perhaps I should write one - I think I'll go with, Did I shave my legs for this appt. :)

Diana said...

Actually, there is a song about infertility. It's a reggae song by a Jamaican woman, Lady Saw. You can see it here:

Chelle said...

LOL!! You are so funny!

Liz said...

Of course there's "All I want to do is make love to you" really - check the lyrics,

And of course "All that she wants is another baby"

But otherwise I'm thinking:
Give me baby one more time
Come on over to my placenta

And who could top a reworking of the Venga Boys 'Boom, Boom, Boom, I want you in my womb'.

Kristin said...

this totally cracked me up. you're so funny! thanks for making me laugh.

kirke said...

Too funny! It's too bad no one has realized what a market there is for these types of songs. I'm sure you would hit the top of the charts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan,
I love these! They are hilarious. I also love your kinder, gentler pregnancy tests!

Kim said...

Thanks for the comment!

By the way, I would love to hear "Acky Breaky Eggs"!! I like your posts!!

Mommy said...

Awesome idea!
How about some old Rock songs too?

With or without eggs (U2)
Every sperm you make (Police)
Stairway to Baby (Led Zeppelin)
I can't get no Reproduction (Rolling Stones)
Sweet embryo of mine (Guns-n-Roses)
We will Drug you (Queen)
I wanna be Impregnated (Ramones)
Born by the I.V.F. (Bruce Springsteen)
Doctor my eggs (Jackson Browne)
Magic Clomid Ride (Steppenwolf)

Jill said...

I am laughing so hard right now, I have tears in my eyes!

Mary said...

Who new accountants could be so damn hilarious! You rock, Megan!

Stacey said...

LOL!!! I love it!

Jenny said...

There is actually a very meaningful song called "I Would Die For tThat" by Kelly Coffey. Here it is:

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